The Best of the Best Work at Collectiv​

Fulfillment, flexibility, and freedom are the top reasons why the 1% work here. We offer a fully remote workplace, a clear growth trajectory, and full-time or contract opportunities.

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We Value The Road Less Traveled

When we launched Collectiv, we recognized an immense opportunity to disrupt the legacy BI consulting space. A remote workforce since day one—before it was the norm—we have never “built our culture.” Instead, we have always hired our culture and provided a place where top talent can thrive.

Everyone who works at Collectiv is an explorer in both their personal and professional lives. Driven by the thrill of discovery, our consultants are perpetually deconstructing problems, finding off-the-beaten-path solutions, and seeking great adventures on the weekends.

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Consulting Careers

It doesn’t matter if you want a full-time gig or a side hustle. As long as you have the tremendous energy and expertise we’re looking for, you’ll fit right in as a consultant.

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Internship Opportunities

Whether you’re interested in marketing, sales, consulting, or project management, you’ll find an inviting space to further develop skills when you’re a Collectiv intern.

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We Take Care of Our Team​​

From exceptional compensation to quarterly in-person get-togethers in the coolest cities, Collectiv is the place to be if you value fulfillment, flexibility, and freedom.

Our Talent is What Makes Us Collectiv