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Visioning Program

You think you know where you’re going, but how do you get there?

Our Visioning Program is strategy consulting where our wealth of expertise and experience helps to formulate, refine, and game plan your data vision for success.

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Visioning Program

Craft Your Vision with an Expert Guiding the Way

When you’re focused so much on day-to-day business needs, future-thinking enterprise solutions can slip farther away. This is particularly true when it comes to BI initiatives that require complex technology and significant resources for execution.

With Collectiv’s Visioning Program, our experts help you set a solid foundation for your BI strategy by crafting your vision. After Visioning, you’ll have a concrete roadmap outlining how you can execute your BI strategy to get from point A to point B over the next 6, 12, or 18 months to support your overall business objectives.

Visioning Program Use Cases

There are virtually endless use cases for Collectiv’s Visioning Program. Here are just a few of the ways that we use visioning to help our enterprise clients succeed.

Power BI

Whether you’re implementing Power BI for the first time or have been using it for years, Power BI Visioning shows you the best ways to use this technology to meet your goals.

Microsoft Data Stack

Our Visioning Program goes beyond just Power BI—our experts leverage the entire Microsoft data stack, including Azure, to help you achieve any and all BI initiatives.


With FP&A visioning, we help teams manage financial data more efficiently by identifying the right financial planning technology and solutions for your organization.

Product Development

Facing data-related challenges during the product development process? We work with you to develop strategic and effective data solutions as you build your product.

At the end of Collectiv’s Visioning Program, you will receive a strategic roadmap for your organization to move forward.

This roadmap details all of the technology and best practices you will need to implement to solve your existing challenges and achieve your future goals. The roadmap typically covers the next three years, but it can cover anywhere from one to five years—depending on what your organization needs.

The Visioning Program can take anywhere from four weeks to six months, depending on your enterprise team’s availability. For busier teams, the program takes longer to complete. But, if everyone is available, we can move faster together.

Visioning addresses so many different facets of our clients’ data initiatives, from implementing a BI initiative within a specific department (i.e. finance, HR) to enterprise-wide adoption and governance. We also help clients roll out their programs with the right level of governance and oversight to optimize adoption.

Our Visioning Program supports product development initiatives as well. For example, we helped an enterprise strategize a project to build a SaaS reporting offering on top of Power BI and within the Microsoft data stack to sell to their customers.

We defined the architecture they needed by pulling together elements from Power BI and Azure. We talked to many engineers in the organization about the nuts and bolts of each system, then created a blueprint that detailed how they could build on their existing infrastructure and bring the product to market most cost-effectively.

The versatility of the Visioning Program means you can zoom in on a specific project or zoom out to get a long-term strategy while building confidence that you’re addressing every aspect of key BI initiatives.

The Visioning Program starts at $25,000. Costs vary depending on the complexity of your organization and its unique needs.

Collectiv’s Visioning Program takes you from stagnation to progress. At Collectiv, we’ve worked with enterprises across a wide range of industries to develop unique data solutions that generate results. With Visioning, we take a holistic look at your organization to find solutions and create a strategy that you might not be able to develop on your own.

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