Strategy and Governance

We provide proven best practice Power BI solutions for teams in need of technical and strategic guidance in analytics, planning, and AI across the Microsoft data ecosystem.

Strategic Guidance That Builds Enterprise BI Success

Depending on how you wield it, Power BI can be a shiny object or a powerful tool. To guarantee enterprise BI success, it’s not only about executing well from a product and technical perspective…but also, from a success perspective.

For you, enterprise BI success might mean improvements in adoption, ROI, and/or risk reduction. Perhaps your aim is to have greater visibility, flexibility, and extensibility with your analytics and insights. Companywide empowerment might be yet another focus area.

Using our scalable, flexible, and proven methodology, Collectiv aligns your entire organization around a tailored Power BI and data roadmap that helps reduce risk and increase certainty. When you need to execute analytics and planning deployment, structure a center of excellence (CoE), or optimize data governance, we use insights gleaned from our best-in-class Visioning programs to guide your path forward strategically.

Realize Your Data Aspirations Across the Enterprise

Experience the best of both worlds with Collectiv—the reliability and agility of a leading Power BI consulting firm that only brings you the most knowledgeable and experienced team of consultants to drive your strategy.

With the help of our world-class enterprise data and Power BI experts, Collectiv will analyze your data infrastructure, processes, and requirements to bring you tailored recommendations that align with industry best practices.

Our number one goal is to help you drive success. By equipping and empowering your enterprise with robust and future-proofed data analytics, planning, and AI strategies, you’ll be ready to transform your data into intelligent actions.

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Case Study

RCU Uncovers Strategic Opportunities to Achieve Power BI Success

To uncover strategic opportunities for Redwood Credit Union, the Collectiv team led a three-day Visioning exercise to identify gaps that were prohibiting the RCU team from achieving success. Collectiv course-corrected their data governance plan and data strategy to keep the RCU team moving forward in an optimal direction.

Start Seeing Measurable Outcomes with Our Visioning Programs

Power BI Visioning

This program has been designed to impart years of enterprise Power BI implementation learnings and experience to your organization.

FP&A Visioning​

This program helps your team introduce, interpret, implement, and integrate people and process initiatives to achieve FP&A 2.0.

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