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Data Strategy

Link all your data together from ideation to execution.

We fuel your corporate vision with a data strategy that achieves alignment across the organization and gets everyone rowing in the same direction.

Create a Clear Strategy,
Then Execute Effectively

It’s time to ask yourself just how airtight your data strategy is.
Have you stress-tested it? Are your teams executing it? Are you making data-driven decisions?

Collectiv’s two-pronged data strategy approach starts with testing the rigor of your current strategy to see if it’s aligned with your corporate vision and clear to your organization.

We then make recommendations and help your team execute to ensure the fulfillment of your strategy.

The Collectiv Approach to
Data Strategy

Whether you have an existing data strategy or need help building one from the ground up, our experts help you create an aligned strategy with your corporate vision.

Strategy Evaluation

We test your overall strategy based on these four criteria:

  • Clarity: Is your strategy clearly articulated and understood by the entire organization?
  • Congruence: Is your strategy responding to the current market realities?
  • Coherence: Is anything in your strategy at odds with one another?
  • Consistency: Do groups and employees understand how they support your strategy?

Execution Assessment

We evaluate your current execution based on these four elements:

  • People: Are your employees supporting your strategies, and do you have the right incentives?
  • Processes: Do you have efficient workflows, or are legacy systems holding you back?
  • Technology: Are your tools helping you make data-driven decisions, and can they support your current and future processes?
  • Leadership: Are your executives modeling behaviors for a data-driven culture, and are their priorities consistent with your strategy?

A business strategy is a set of interrelated choices to position an organization to win in the marketplace.

A data strategy is the set of choices for an organization’s information assets to support its business strategy. It guide’s an organization’s choices relating to the acquisition, organization, analysis, and delivery of data.

Businesses maximize the value of their strategic choices by ensuring every system, process, and employee actively supports the desired outcome.

A data strategy turns your information systems from a liability into a differentiating asset by linking it to the business outcome. It helps you identify critical processes, data, and systems while providing clarity to your organization on what is essential for success.

Consistency and trust across an organization will provide space for innovation. That trust is built on the sources of truth from an organization’s information systems.

A data strategy ensures there is consistency and rigor in your data. It enables your teams to have a common ground of understanding, which maximizes collaboration. This creates space for your organization to explore new ideas which can grow your bottom line.

You must support a data strategy with a robust data infrastructure that connects all your data sources and incorporates the right analytics tools to process the data, generate insights, and distribute timely reports to the right stakeholders.

Collectiv offers data infrastructure and Power BI implementation services if you need a hand to execute your data strategy. You can also use our Consulting as a Service (CaaS) to access flexible support when you need it.

Data Strategy FAQs