Power BI Training

To maximize Power BI, you have to know how to use it.

Our Power BI Training is an immersive, instructor-led course for enterprise teams who want to expand their skills.

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Learn Power BI From the Experts

Power BI is an incredibly robust tool…as long as your team knows how to maximize its capabilities. Most enterprise teams are only scratching the surface when they could be mastering this powerful tool.

Our Power BI experts offer immersive training where we provide a dedicated time and place for your team to level up their skillsets. Collectiv’s hands-on approach allows teams to truly absorb the information, making it easier to learn and to successfully implement Power BI at your organization.

What To Expect with Collectiv’s Power BI Training

Collectiv’s Power BI trainings are light years beyond the courses you find online. Here’s what makes our training approach unique and what to expect from our training sessions.

Report Development and Automation

Our training takes you through the entire process of creating a report in Power BI and automating it for future use. We’ll take existing reports you’ve already created in Excel and show you how to recreate them in Power BI.

Expert Power BI Consultants

Every Collectiv training session is led by a Power BI expert. Our experts provide guidance every step of the way and are on hand to answer all of your questions. We’re committed to helping you succeed, whether you’re brand new to Power BI or looking to advance your skills.

Immersive, Hands-On Approach

We offer fully immersive half-day and full-day trainings to ensure you have the time and resources you need to learn new Power BI skills. This hands-on educational environment makes it easier to master Power BI without other work distractions.

Power BI Training for Any Experience Level

Collectiv offers a variety of Power BI trainings to meet your team where they are at, no matter their experience level.

Foundations Training

2-3 Days

Our Foundations Training is designed for teams that don’t have any Power BI experience. With this training, you will connect your data, bring it into Power Query, transform that data, and then load it into Power BI Desktop so you can start building out visualizations.

Advanced Training

2-3 Days

Our Advanced Training is designed for teams that already have experience with Power BI, but want to take a deeper dive into the platform to enhance their skills. These trainings cover topics like data modeling in Power Query, advanced DAX, and visualization best practices.

Customized Training

2-3 Days

Our Customized Training is intended for teams with mixed Power BI experience levels or who want to focus on honing specific skillsets. After an initial consultation to understand your team’s learning opportunities, we adjust our curriculum to better address your needs.

Workshop Training

2-3 Days

Our Workshop Training is a hands-on approach to solving a specific Power BI problem. Attendees bring their reports or dashboards and the instructor provides expert-level support to find the best solution. Workshops are typically combined with the Foundations Training.

Our Power BI trainings are most effective for individuals who already have analysis experience, whether that is in finance, business intelligence, or another field. They may already have experience with Excel or other solutions within the Microsoft data stack, but have not yet had any formal Power BI training.

The Power BI Foundations Training is our most popular training at Collectiv. It’s a two-day or three-day training that teaches attendees how to build a Power BI report from start to finish. Through presentations and working sessions, attendees learn how to build data models, calculations, and visualizations.

Most importantly, every attendee will walk away from the Foundations Training with the ability to implement Power BI in your organization.

While Power BI experience isn’t necessary for the Foundations Training, it’s helpful to have some previous knowledge of data analytics. For the Advanced Training, attendees should have intermediate or advanced Power BI skills.

The Foundations Training covers the basics and best practices of Power BI. This starts with Power Query input and building out your data model, and then moves on to more complex calculations and visualization best practices to create effective and cohesive reports.

The Advanced Training covers more advanced techniques, including data modeling and Power Query, advanced DAX, as well as visualization best practices.

Collectiv’s training programs are designed for a maximum of 15 participants to ensure that our team is able to provide personal attention and support for each of the attendees. If you have more than 15 team members who need training, our team is happy to lead multiple training sessions to help everybody learn.

Power BI Training FAQs

For more specifics about how Collectiv’s Power BI Training supports your enterprise, read through these FAQs. If you have additional questions or you’re ready to move forward, reach out to the Collectiv team.