Planning and Forecasting

Are you stuck in the past or looking ahead?

We combine our deep understanding of planning and forecasting processes with the latest technologies to execute solutions that drive the business forward.

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Save Time by Eliminating Manual Effort

If you’re like most enterprises, a lot of your data, budgets, and forecasts are duct-taped together. You’re spending too much time on processes instead of adding business value.

You need accurate insights and the flexibility to plan and pivot on a dime. Leveraging Power BI and the Microsoft data stack, Collectiv transforms processes by bringing data together and automating menial tasks so everyone is empowered to make data-driven, forward-thinking decisions.

The Collectiv Approach to Planning and Forecasting

Too many enterprises are stuck in the past, instead of planning for the future. Long-term success means dedicating time across disciplines, which is why we developed a 360-approach called the APP Methodology™.


Understand the past and present by looking at historical information through fully automated reporting and business intelligence initiatives to uncover opportunities.


Incorporate insights learned during analysis into planning initiatives to be able to flex in real-time when executing budgeting, forecasting, data modeling, what-if analysis, and scenario analysis.


Impact the future by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict what’s coming so you’re always staying ahead by looking ahead.

Planning FAQs

You already have a lot of planning mechanisms in place, so let’s talk more about how we fit in by addressing other concerns you may have. If you have additional questions or you’re ready to move forward, reach out to the Collectiv team.