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Planning and Forecasting

Are you stuck in the past or looking ahead?

We combine our deep understanding of planning and forecasting processes with the latest technologies to execute solutions that drive the business forward.

Save Time by Eliminating Manual Effort

If you’re like most enterprises, a lot of your data, budgets, and forecasts are duct-taped together. You’re spending too much time on processes instead of adding business value.

You need accurate insights and the flexibility to plan and pivot on a dime. Leveraging Power BI and the Microsoft Data Stack, Collectiv transforms processes by bringing data together and automating menial tasks so everyone is empowered to make data-driven, forward-thinking decisions.

No. We are well-versed in working with enterprises that use a variety of planning tools. We’re able to integrate multiple tools into a tailored solution for your specific needs and architecture using Power BI and the Microsoft data stack.

See how the ATD team streamlined their planning and analytics with a combination of Acterys and Power BI.

No. Most organizations heavily rely on Excel, so there is no reason to get rid of a tool that is still useful. But we understand how to utilize Excel in a better way, where appropriate, and also how to get you out of Excel hell.

Wrangling data in multiple spreadsheets or proprietary tools will only distract your team from doing value-generating work for your organization.

We encapsulate your planning, forecasting, and reporting processes into the same tech stack, whether you wish to use Power BI for planning or have an existing planning tool that you are happy with. Because we understand both planning and technology intrinsically, we bring all of your historical and planning data together into a single version of the truth.

Yes. Because we guide your team every step of the way, change management is heavily integrated into our approach. Collectiv’s Visioning Program and Power BI training are key components of our change management approach.

Visioning sets a strong foundation for your planning strategy by working with your team members and stakeholders to identify the best solutions across the organization. Thoughtful steps are taken to ensure team alignment around the big-picture vision of whatever you are trying to achieve.

Training helps tremendously with increasing Power BI adoption. If team members lack Power BI skills and knowledge, they will be less willing to use the tool—and they will fall back on spreadsheets or other inefficient tools.

Providing ongoing training and support empowers your team to feel more confident with Power BI and leverage this technology to support organizational initiatives.

No. In fact, it is a lot more flexible and limitation-free than traditional planning tools. Also, Power BI can do anything you can do with Excel or your current proprietary planning tool—but it does the job better. Here are several Power BI report examples that show you the possibilities.

Planning FAQs