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We’re the Power BI Experts

Collectiv has all the right attributes for leading successful enterprise BI initiatives—business acumen, technical expertise, and real-world experience.

Industry Experience Across the Microsoft Data Stack

We don’t hire developers, we hire the top 1% to become Collectiv consultants. Technically gifted in Power BI and the Microsoft data stack, our people bring unique and relevant insights from the industries they’ve impacted.

Collectiv is the #1 BI consulting provider and the only firm specialized in planning and forecasting. Just one of our consultants has been forecasting for 20+ years. Together, we have the experience and expertise to handle everything from planning to analytics to AI initiatives.

Meet Our Talented Team

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” because we have what it takes to guide the way forward.

Greg Gillespie Greg Gillespie
Greg Gillespie Principal

One of the earliest Power BI adopters and experts, the natural progression for Greg was to bring together the best minds in data, analytics, and planning to form Collectiv. Throughout his decade-long data consulting career, Greg has achieved immense results while leading and implementing large-scale Power BI initiatives.

Darren Goonawardana Paddington
Darren Goonawardana Principal

Darren has founded companies on four different continents—including Collectiv, a G2 top-rated BI consulting provider. Over the past two decades, Darren has helped global CFOs and CIOs actualize their most ambitious business goals through an elevated strategic approach to planning and analytics.

Dennis Carriere Head of Client Success
Jill Castoldi Sales Director
Michelle Benedicto Project Lead Consultant
Mary Irondi Senior Analytics Consultant
Grant Lewis Consultant
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Consultant Team Lead
Oleg Wing Consultant
Liz Torres Consultant
Max Anderson Consultant
Caleb Kirsch Consultant
Suraj Nair Consultant
Matthew Buczynski
Buzz Buczynski Senior Analytics Consultant
Rachel Gonzalez Consultant
Andrew Rodriguez Consultant
Joseph Cordero Data Platform Architect
Emily Schmucker
Emily Schmucker Solution Architect
Jonathan Doyon Consultant
Chris Ortega Consultant
Malisa Neville
Malisa Neville Consultant
Yusuf Sharif Consultant
Jonathan Tranello
Jonathan Tranello Consultant
Michael De Abreau Consultant
Faraz Shaik Consultant
Bruce Yi Zhou Consultant
Zuhair Baig Consultant
Simmi Girn Marketing Associate
Benjamin Kyalo Marketing
Louis Mwangi Marketing