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Consulting as a Service (CaaS)

Your Power BI needs will constantly evolve.

Consulting as a Service is a flexible and agile framework that gives you access to all of Collectiv’s experts whenever you need support.

Bring Outside Experts in Whenever You Need Support​

Power BI and the Microsoft data stack is an ever-evolving situation. No matter how big and well-resourced an organization is, no enterprise team will have “brain and muscle” across all facets of these tools. You need outside experts to come in…you need CaaS.

Consulting as a Service (CaaS) is a flexible and agile framework that is tailored to the immediate requirements you have today and future requirements that will change over time.

Case Study

Get From Point A to Point B and Bring Robust Products to Market

JBT wanted to further evolve their enterprise by building a robust reporting solution. Collectiv’s Visioning Program helped them find the best path forward.

CaaS works when you have a specific project or outcomes that require expertise you don’t have in-house, but it also fits in when you need execution capabilities before starting a formal implementation project, after a project ends, and anywhere in between.

A lot of our clients use CaaS for a mixture of situations—they might have projects going on concurrently and/or use CaaS as a catch-all whenever they identify an urgent need for external support. Our team is also happy to help you decide if and when CaaS is needed if you’re unsure.

Several of our clients have had CaaS running for years and they are planning to continue because it works well for them.

Collectiv’s clients enjoy having this level of flexibility because they can use CaaS for a bigger project one month, a couple of smaller projects the next month—and, so on. Really, the length of the CaaS engagement depends on what is right for your organization at this time.

Usually, within 24 hours after the execution of the contract, our consultants can start on your request.

Here’s a typical CaaS scenario: You need a few hours of support one week, 40 hours of support the next, and you don’t need anything the week after that. Then, CaaS will work well for your organization because this flexible framework allows you to fill resource gaps as they arise.

Staff augmentation is a better fit when you need a particular resource for an extended period of time. For example, you need a Power BI developer or Azure expert and architect for 3-6 months at 30-40 hours per week.

There are plenty of Power BI developers out there, but at Collectiv, we have a talented team of consultants. Our consultants have industry-leading technical expertise in addition to strong business acumen.

In addition to Power BI, we have expertise in the entire Microsoft data stack (i.e. Power Apps, Power Automate), including the Azure Stack (i.e. Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage).

Instead of having predetermined solutions, our consultants actively listen to your needs and then implement a tailored solution.

Consulting as a Service FAQs