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Collectiv Case Study

Eliminate Adhoc Reporting and Drastically Reduce Time with Power BI

Wrestling back control of the marketing team’s time was paramount to ZS. Power BI was the best path forward, but ZS needed experts to help guide the way.

Consulting as a Service (CaaS): How It Works and Why You Need It

Consulting as a Service (CaaS) is an increasingly popular solution for growing enterprises who are seeking agility and flexibility. Here’s why.
Power BI

Make Enterprise BI Success Stick with Visioning

You can't throw spaghetti against the wall and hope something will stick. Instead, set a solid foundation for your BI strategy through Visioning.
fpa partnerships

The 3 Business Partners You Need to Understand in FP&A

Partnership is the most important thing in FP&A. Get to know the key business partners you will encounter so you know how to collaborate more effectively.
power bi visuals

The Best Power BI Visuals for Financial Reporting

Ready to learn a better way to visualize and present financial reporting? These are the best Power BI visuals to include in your repertoire.

Are Your People Ready? Why Change Management is a Must for xP&A

Change management is key when introducing any new technology or process, especially xP&A. Learn tips for transitioning teams into strategic advising roles.

People Before Profit: Improving Employee Experience with xP&A

"People over profits" isn't just an HR platitude. Move from a directive-driven culture to a culture of empowerment and you will successfully transition to xP&A.

Creating Value Through Rolling Forecasting and xP&A

How do you capitalize on trends through financial planning and analysis? Let's look at ways xP&A creates newfound flexibility, collaboration, and value.
extended planning and analysis and it

How xP&A is Evolving the IT Role and Promoting Self-Sufficiency

As an enterprise expands technology capabilities and access, IT begins to take on a whole new role. See how xP&A further promotes self-sufficiency.

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