Launchpad Program

Get your project kicked off quickly and successfully.

Our Launchpad Program is a strategic session where we gather and align all stakeholders to uncover organizational priorities to ensure project success.

Launch Your Project in the Right Direction…Up

Implementing highly technical BI initiatives comes with a variety of moving parts. You have team members across different departments juggling a variety of tasks. However, your team might not have time to meet and align on key project requirements to reach the end goal.

Collectiv designed the Launchpad Program to get everyone on the same page and “in it to win it.” We’ll make sure you have expert recommendations to make the project work right from the start as efficiently as possible.

What To Expect with Collectiv’s Launchpad Program

Collectiv’s Launchpad Program is a three-day project kickoff session tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements.


Having an outside expert step in can foster more effective communication and help you develop innovative project solutions. Collectiv’s experts are your guides.


We meet to ensure that all project stakeholders are on board by defining project requirements and expectations.


Start working together to see wireframes and visualizations of what the end product is going to look like so that we can iterate then and there and pinpoint the right solution.


At the end of the Launchpad Program, you’ll receive a detailed project blueprint that everyone can use as a guide to keep things moving forward.

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