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Staff Augmentation

Need in-house Power BI experts?

Staff augmentation is a vetted staffing service where our experts join your team for longer and larger initiatives.

Get Our Experts as Part of Your Team

Due to the complexities of Power BI and the Microsoft Data Stack, enterprises often need to bring in outside experts to support their internal teams. But, what if you had experts join your team? There’s a lot more you can do with highly-skilled consultants around.

Staff augmentation is an effective outsourcing option when you require in-house support for longer and larger initiatives—you get Collectiv’s experts as an extension of your team.

Staff augmentation engagements are typically measured in multiple months for a dedicated role, task, or skillset.

Let’s say that it’s time to roll out Power BI to the whole organization, then make sure that adoption and governance are where they need to be. Staff augmentation is perfect for a situation like this because we can bring in one of our consultants for 6 months to help run the Center of Excellence (CoE).

If you need a full-time Power BI architect to bolster your existing team for 3 months until you hire someone internally, staff augmentation is a great fit. If you need a part-time Power Apps developer for 6 months to get that project initiative over the line, this is another reason to choose staff augmentation.

After meeting with us, give us at least 24 hours to match your request so we can find a specific consultant based on the problem you need help solving. We will communicate the exact start time based on your request. Typically, your consultant will start in under a month.

While we do not have a specific minimum time commitment for staff augmentation, we only offer this staffing service for projects that require full-time resource support (30+ hours) for a block of several months (i.e. 3-6 months or longer).

If you need resource support for a few weeks for 5 hours per week—or you find that your requirements change frequently from month to month—then CaaS is a better fit since it’s more flexible and agile. We also offer trainings and programs, along with more project-based engagements focused on strategy and/or implementation.

Staff augmentation is the way to go whenever you need an expert for a more extended period of time. Whether you need a Power BI developer or an Azure stack expert, you’ll typically have access to this person for 30-40 hours per week for 3-6 months (or longer).

The CaaS framework is built to blend with your requirements as they evolve, which might look different from month to month. One month you might need a consultant for 30 hours, then the next month you might only need them for 5 hours. CaaS is better when you want flexible resource support.

Our Power BI consultants combine strong business acumen with industry-leading technical expertise across the entire Microsoft data stack, including Azure. While there are plenty of Power BI developers out there, we are consultants who listen, have the experience to ask the right questions, and deeply understand your needs to deliver high-quality outcomes.

Staff Augmentation FAQs