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Why Teamwork is TOP PRIORITY (FP&A)

Do you consider your enterprise to have an “empowerment culture”? Tune in to hear Chris Word II explain why you should.

DAX: Forecasting Logic Tutorial

Join Collectiv expert Grant as he explains how to create a Forecast using DAX and Power BI. You'll be able to better predict trends, set goals, and stay on target with this tutorial.

Power Query Mergers In 6 Steps!

Become a Power Merger Pro in less than 5 minutes! Collectiv Consultant, Benjamin Kyalo, walks us through the simple steps to merging data using the editor.

Take Business to the NEXT LEVEL with FP&A

Founder, and CEO of FP&A Strategy and Consulting, James Meyers, tackles taking businesses to the next level with FP&A.

How to Navigate FP&A Like a PRO

Learn how to evolve your FP&A team into its most efficient form through ‘focusing on the one thing that will change all things,’ with Lance Rubin (Model Citizn).

FP&A: The HEART & SOUL of Business

Sharpen your knowledge and skills on bringing value to and through your FP&A team with Mohamed ELRouby, Head of FP&A at Takeda.

The Secret Formula for FP&A Success

Join CEO of Treasury Webinars, Ernie Humphrey, as he discusses best practice approaches to better connect FP&A teams through full-circle collaboration.

Object-Level Security in Power BI

Learn how OLS in Power BI takes the security of your reports and datasets to the next level by monitoring access to features from viewers or end-users.

How to Be a Professional Brainstormer

Empower your FP&A team to step out of their comfort zones with best practice advice from Akshar Finance Director, Tejas Parikh!

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