How to Leverage Power BI Training and Maximize Your ROI

Power BI

You paid for Power BI licenses. Now what?

As great as Power BI is, it won’t perform any miracles if it just sits around collecting dust. More people in the organization must use the tool actively to maximize ROI. So how can you drive Power BI adoption cost-effectively?

In our LinkedIn poll, 55% of organizations revealed that training and continued education are the most effective Power BI adoption strategies. But, of course, not all Power BI trainings are created equal.

How many times have you bought an online course only to abandon it less than halfway through? How many times have you actually completed one of those online courses only to forget everything you learned? We’ve all been there.

That’s what makes our instructor-led, immersive Power BI training different. We’re there every step of the way to help your enterprise team make the platform work more effectively.

Who is Collectiv’s Power BI Training for?


We offer a variety of Power BI trainings to meet your team wherever they are in their Power BI journey. Our #1 goal is to ensure everyone is successful.

Foundations Training

Our Foundations Training shows beginners how to perform essential Power BI functions, such as connecting data using Power Query, transforming and visualizing data, and publishing reports to Power BI Service for further collaboration.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training is ideal for intermediate/advanced users who want to get a refresher, learn to use the tools properly, or advance their skillsets. Topics typically include data modeling in Power Query, advanced DAX, and visualization best practices.

Customized Training

Our Customized Training is available for teams with mixed levels of experience with Power BI. Our team meets with yours during an initial consultation to understand learning objectives, then we adjust the training curriculum to align with your needs.

Workshop Training

Our Workshop Training is a chance to workshop a specific Power BI problem. Training attendees bring reports or dashboards, then work through solutions with the instructor. Although workshops are often combined with the Foundations Training, they can be added to any type of training we offer.

How is this Power BI Training Better Than Other Options?

Unlike most Power BI trainings, which take you through a preset sequence of learning modules, we customize our training to the attendees’ skill level and your organization’s objectives. We created an environment where participants learn from the best without any distractions.

These training sessions are led by our top consultants, who bring their from-the-trenches experience and expertise to the table. We take your employees from zero to hero, teaching them practical Power BI skills in an interactive and immersive classroom setup.

How Does Power BI Training Benefit Enterprises?

Our well-rounded training programs empower your team so they can confidently use Power BI to help your organization automate reporting and leverage the power of data to inform accurate decision-making.

We can help you design a long-term strategy to execute BI initiatives with our Visioning Program or get a specific project kicked off quickly and successfully through the Launchpad Program. We can also help you implement Power BI.

But, first…your team must be able to use the tool effectively to generate the most value for your organization. This is where our training services come in to ensure that your team sees the value in the tool by learning to use Power BI’s incredible capabilities.

For example, we show attendees how to rebuild their Excel reports in Power BI and automate weekly reporting. Many get their “aha” moment when they realize how easy the process is, and they no longer have to refresh their spreadsheet every week manually. The resistance to change melts away, and user adoption skyrockets.

How are Others Leveraging Power BI Training for Success?

Our Power BI training focuses on driving adoption to help our clients get the most out of their Power BI investment and enhance Power BI implementation.

An enterprise business data strategist for the city of Boise attended our training and found the practical tips and tricks most helpful in helping him improve his Power BI dashboards and reports. The focus on applied learning gave him hands-on opportunities to create reports he could share with leadership and demonstrate value during the training.

The city of Boise faced complex challenges such as housing affordability and climate action—issues that require easy access to data to drive impactful actions. Our Power BI training helped its analysts get high-quality data into the hands of decision-makers. The city can also share the reports with its residents to demonstrate progress and increase transparency.

No matter where your organization is at in its data journey, using Power BI effectively is the key to advancing your data analytics efforts. We tailor our Power BI Training based on your team’s skill level and reporting needs to help you shorten the learning curve and see ROI faster.

Get in touch if you’re ready to sign up your team for Collectiv’s Power BI training.

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