Here at Collectiv, we pride ourselves on doing things differently.

As a boutique consulting firm, we’re disrupting the traditional consulting space with an agile approach and highly customized services. We’re experts in Power BI and the Microsoft data stack who believe in the power of technology, but we also believe in the power of talent.

Each year our business and our team continue to expand because our organization was built by talented individuals who enjoy collaborating on compelling and challenging projects.

For experienced data analytics consultants and developers, it can be difficult to find a workplace that aligns with your values and values what you do. Since you’re here reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for a new opportunity and we’ve piqued your interest.

A careers page can only say so much in a few hundred words. That’s why today on our blog, we’re going into more detail to illustrate why Collectiv is such a great place to work.


1. 100% Remote Work

Working remotely is rapidly becoming the norm—but at Collectiv, we saw this shift coming long before the pandemic. Our teams have been working from home since we first started the company. We don’t have an RTO (Return to Office) plan as we’re an exclusively remote organization.

Having a remote-only environment doesn’t mean we expect you to be on and available 24/7. After all, no one benefits from burnout. Work is only one part of your life. We strongly encourage all employees to take unlimited PTO, turn off email after hours, and manage their own schedules.

One of our project managers, Malisa, says our remote work policy allows her to live her life with complete location and time freedom. She loves that she can share her skills and experience with clients no matter where or when she works.

One of our consultants, Grant, loves the convenience and efficiency of remote work. He also doesn’t feel that working remotely at Collectiv is an issue for our company culture since everyone is in constant contact and working toward the same goal.

2. Growth Comes First

If you love a good challenge, then Collectiv is the place for you. We’re committed to helping our team members develop and explore their passions, skills, and talents.

Ted is one of our senior consultants and he greatly enjoys the wide variety of projects and companies he gets to work with. Rather than getting stuck in one industry or focusing on one tool, Ted gets to take on new challenges every day. Even after years of experience as a tech consultant, Ted continues to learn and grow at Collectiv.

Another Collectiv consultant, Dennis, appreciates that our principals provide close mentorship to help him throughout his journey. By creating a clear path of communication throughout the organization, Dennis and his fellow Collectiv team members are able to contribute and grow.

A fast-paced, challenging environment doesn’t have to come with office politics. At Collectiv, we’re committed to empowering employees at every level to take on new challenges, expand their capabilities, and have fun doing it.

3. Competitive Benefits

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of working at Collectiv. Whether you’re looking for a 1099 position, a traditional W2 role, or even an internship…we have flexible opportunities that align with your work preferences and experience level.

As a 1099 contractor, you’ll work on lucrative Collective projects part-time while still having the flexibility to focus on other projects or gigs. Full-time W2 Collectiv employees enjoy a competitive benefits package, including 100% covered health insurance and unlimited time off.

We aim to make working at Collectiv an easy choice for talented and motivated people. These benefits are just one way we say thank you for the great work our team does.

Take the Next Step in Your Career with Collectiv

Trust is arguably the biggest reason our clients do business with us, which is why we hire the top 1% to work at Collectiv and provide exceptional service to our clients.

Because keeping top talent is such a critical part of our organization’s success, we prioritize our team’s needs and provide the best possible work environment. And because we keep growing rapidly, we always have open opportunities for talented people.

See all of our openings and apply if you’re excited to join the Collectiv team.