Data and Analytics Resources

Govern a Single Source of Truth to Sustain Enterprise Growth

Data fuels modern enterprises, yet many teams don’t trust their data. Learn how to maintain and sustain a single source of truth with data governance.

Power Query Mergers In 6 Steps!

Become a Power Merger Pro in less than 5 minutes! Collectiv Consultant, Benjamin Kyalo, walks us through the simple steps to merging data using the editor.

Yes, Data Literacy Matters for Your Enterprise

Despite data’s growing presence and business value, organizations are still struggling with data literacy. Here are some of the actions you should take.

Change Management: The Other Half of an Enterprise Data Strategy

An enterprise data strategy isn’t complete without data change management. Learn the elements of both strategies to move past resistance and reach success.
Data Governance

Focus Data Governance on Business Value, Not Just Risk Management

Data governance shouldn’t only focus on frameworks and policies but also on the way the organization works. Make the shift to focus more on business value.

How Women In Data Are Making Strides

More and more women are disrupting the data science industry in amazing ways. Let's look at industry challenges and how women in data are making strides.

You Purchased Power BI: Now What?

Struggling to get the most out of your Power BI investment? Find the roadblocks that are preventing you from unleashing the full potential of Power BI.

Object-Level Security in Power BI

Learn how OLS in Power BI takes the security of your reports and datasets to the next level by monitoring access to features from viewers or end-users.

Small Multiples in Power BI

Have you had the chance to utilize the preview version of the small multiples feature in Power BI? Natalie explains how to use small multiples to get big results.

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