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Even though Power BI is the best reporting tool out there, it’s only as good as the process that you surround it with.

In this video round-up, we gathered a few videos to help you get more from Power BI reports to connect and represent your data—and positively transform your organization as a result. Start with the missing link to better Power BI reports (your process!), then move onto a quick Power BI tutorial on adding icons with the DAX Measure function, and finish up with three sound options for achieving an efficient data import.

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Make Better Power BI Reports with a Better Process

Nine times out of ten, your process is the real reason you’re not getting the most out of a powerful reporting tool like Power BI. If you have a nailgun instead of a hammer, it doesn’t guarantee you will get the work done faster…unless you know how to use it. Greg Gillespie explains why a better process is the key to making better Power BI reports.

Power BI Tutorial: Add Icons Quickly with DAX Measure Function

Sometimes the conditional formatting icons aren’t right for your reports—but you also don’t have time to hunt down the perfect icon on the internet. Emoticons are treated like text in Power BI. In this tutorial, we show you how to quickly add icons to your reports by creating a Measure in DAX.

Power BI Tutorial: 3 Ways to Import Your Data

The way you import your data into Power BI all depends on your organizational needs—and what you need your reports to show. Eric Friedle discusses common challenges you may be facing with different forms of data and provides three options for efficiently importing data into Power BI.

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