Go ahead, get excited. An awesome new Power BI feature released that will take your enterprise to the next level. Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out Object-Level Security (OLS) in Power BI. We explore this feature release in the video below.

After that, we recommend taking some time to listen to our two FP&A experts who joined us on Collectiv Conversations. Akshar Finance Director, Tejas Parikh, tells you everything you need to know about empowering your FP&A team and the CEO of Treasury Webinars, Ernie Humphrey, reveals the secret formula for FP&A success.

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JUST RELEASED: Object-Level Security in Power BI

Awesome Power BI Update Alert: Object-level security (OLS). OLS in Power BI Premium, Premium per User, and Pro is designed to take the security of your Power BI reports and datasets to the next level. This powerful feature allows Power BI model authors to secure and restrict access to certain tables, columns, and/or any sensitive object names from viewers or end-users.

How to Be a Professional Brainstormer (FP&A) – Collectiv Conversations

Empower your FP&A team to step out of their comfort zones with best practice advice from Akshar Finance Director, Tejas Parikh. Learn about the importance of soft skills in FP&A, how to build trust with key stakeholders to transform insights into actionable outcomes, and much more in this Collectiv Conversations, hosted by FP&A Principal Chris Ortega.

The Secret Formula for FP&A Success – Collectiv Conversations

A collaborative team dynamic is essential for FP&A and enterprise-wide success. Join CEO of Treasury Webinars, Ernie Humphrey, as he discusses best practice approaches to better connect FP&A teams. Gain insights to advance your team’s work environment from Ernie and FP&A Principal Chris Ortega’s Conversation about the art of managing and collaborating remotely, implementing agile business strategies, and more.

How to Plan & Forecast in Power BI – Collectiv Academy

Working with data from various sources, structured in various ways, can be difficult. With Power BI, you can transform, combine, and enhance all data enabling you to create models that reflect accurate reporting and analytics.

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