A lot of organizations are using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis, but it doesn’t mean everyone knows the ins and outs of this robust collaboration tool.

In this video round-up, we gathered Microsoft Teams tutorials that dive into overlooked features you’ve likely missing out on. Are you pulling detailed insights about meeting attendees? Did you know you can use MS Teams beyond the workplace? Are you creating polls yet? And, are you using mentions and notifications the right way? Watch the videos to improve your MS Teams skills.

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Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Report Tutorial

The Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Report is a commonly overlooked feature that is actually super helpful. Who joined the meeting? Who left the meeting? Yusuf Shariff shows you how to use this feature to make a detailed tracking report of your meeting attendees and gain valuable insights.

Microsoft Teams for Personal Use

We often think of Microsoft Teams as a great tool for improving productivity and collaboration in the workplace. Did you know you can also use Microsoft Teams for personal use? Yusuf Shariff runs through various features like assigning tasks, group invites, and sharing files and folders so you can use Microsoft Teams to streamline operations at home as well.

Microsoft Teams Tutorial: How to Create a Poll Quickly

Need to get input from your team quickly? Create a poll in Microsoft Teams. Join Yusuf Shariff in this Microsoft Teams tutorial to learn how to create a poll, along with different ways you can use polls to gather feedback, responses, and votes from your team.

Microsoft Teams Tutorial: How to Maximize Mentions and Notifications

Mentions and notifications are underused features in Microsoft Teams…let’s change that! Yusuf Shariff shows you better ways to use mentions when collaborating with your team and various ways to set up and automate your notifications to make life easier.

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