FP&A Visioning Program​

Transition Your FP&A Team From Scorekeepers to Valued Advisors

FP&A 2.0 is already happening and teams are leveraging its full benefits. Is your organization embracing it or being left behind? Traditionally, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams have been seen as scorekeepers at the organization. To future-proof the business and pivot skilfully during challenging times like we’re experiencing today, your team needs to make the transition and become valued advisors.

This FP&A Visioning Program helps your team introduce, interpret, implement, and integrate people and process initiatives that our team of experts identify as successful strategies and tactics to accelerate your progression. It’s time to step into FP&A 2.0 with your partners at Collectiv by adopting a framework that has been tested, validated, and delivered.

FP&A Visioning Program Details

Phase 1 (Introduction): Discovery and requirements gathering to assess the baseline of the organization’s people, process, and technology from all FP&A stakeholders. Includes in-depth leadership team interviews and questionnaires to understand opportunities, challenges, risks, operations, and resources.

Phase 2 (Interpret): Analysis and documentation of visioning findings, advice, and recommendations—and provide a roadmap for 6, 12, or 18 months. Includes specific organization and team strategies and tactics implementation around people and process framework.

Phase 3 (Implement): Fully customized project plan aligned with the team’s needs and discussion of ongoing partnership details for program implementation and guidance. Leverage Collectiv experts to begin implementing step-by-step recommendations.

Phase 4 (Integrate): Proof of concepts build (if applicable). Also, value-added partner throughout progression from scorekeeping to valued advisors by supporting continuous improvement and development.

The FP&A Visioning Program delivers tailored best practice advice, recommendations, strategy, and tactics for you and your teams:

  • Corporate Goals & Initiatives
  • FP&A Value-Add to the Organization
  • Process Efficiency Improvements
  • Business and Strategic Insights
  • Strategic Direction
  • Technology Research and Adoption
  • Resource Capabilities Maximization
  • People, Process, and Technology Connectivity
  • FP&A Digital Transformation
  • AI and ML Solutions Impact
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Talent Management and Retention
  • Career Development
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Partnerships Development
  • Continued Guidance From FP&A Specialists


4-6 Weeks



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