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Collectiv Case Study

Eliminate Adhoc Reporting and Drastically Reduce Time with Power BI

Wrestling back control of the marketing team’s time was paramount to ZS. Power BI was the best path forward, but ZS needed experts to help guide the way.
Power BI on Mac

Power BI on a Mac? It’s Now Possible with Datamarts

Ready to move past the clunkiness of Excel? Excited to finally use Power BI on your Mac? Datamarts are here and they’re a total game-changer.
Power BI

Make Enterprise BI Success Stick with Visioning

You can't throw spaghetti against the wall and hope something will stick. Instead, set a solid foundation for your BI strategy through Visioning.
Power BI Adoption

These 4 Things Should Be in Every Power BI Adoption Strategy

What’s impacting your Power BI potential? Probably your adoption rate. To create a successful Power BI adoption strategy, you’ll want these four elements.
sales data analysis

Excel vs. Power BI: How to Create Sales Analysis Reports Faster

You can save a lot of time if you create sales analysis reports in Power BI instead of Excel. This video tutorial walks you through the process.
power bi adoption

Power BI Adoption Stats That Shed Some Light on the Best Approach

How are enterprises doing with Power BI adoption? Here's what we found out, along with from-the-trenches tips on how to improve your adoption rate.
data governance framework

The 6 Critical Components of a Strong Power BI Governance Plan

After hundreds of Power BI implementations, we've discovered that the strongest Power BI governance plans consist of these six critical components.
microsoft power platform benefits

5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform gives your team the upper hand, whether your goal is to streamline business processes or facilitate remote work collaboration.
bi user adoption

6 Strategies to Increase Business Intelligence User Adoption

Success with BI is only possible only when people use the tool. Discover key strategies that help increase enterprise business intelligence adoption.

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