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Unlock the Power of Your FP&A COE with Bryan Lapidus of AFP

Bryan Lapidus of AFP reveals how organizations can create an FP&A COE to consolidate data and knowledge transfer and gain a competitive edge.

Improve Power Apps Implementation with a Proof of Concept

Is Microsoft Power Apps a good fit? Find out if your enterprise needs Power Apps and how to successfully implement this powerful platform.

The Chief Data Officer Guide for Building a Data-Driven Culture

To proactively manage data assets at an enterprise level, Chief Data Officers must effectively build a data-driven culture. Follow this approach.

Optimize Your Financial Data Systems to Drive Success

In these uncertain times, effective CFOs understand they need to work smarter to stay ahead. Start by optimizing your financial data systems.

How Effective Analytics Brings Clarity in the Age of Pandemics

Two healthcare analysts discuss coronavirus data. Learn how effective analytics can lead your organization through these uncertain times.

Are You Turning Excel Hell Into Power BI Chaos?

Having the right people and processes in place will be invaluable to you. Learn how to turn data chaos into a well-oiled machine with a stronger strategy.

Improve Your Workflow and Save Time with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a critical tool for increasing productivity. Learn how to improve your workflow, save time, and refocus on higher priorities.

Big Data has its Place in Small Business

One thing is for certain, 'big data' is staying around, it's becoming more affordable, and it's time all businesses get on board.

Business Intelligence: You Gotta Have the Tools

Microsoft Power BI allows users to analyze their company’s data with rich interactive visuals so they can perform analysis on what impacts their company.

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