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Case Study: Olde Thompson

Olde Thompson needed to address data challenges. See how improving enterprise analytics with Power BI helped empower and advance their organization.

Case Study: DAI

DAI had business needs that Power BI could solve, but it was a question of how. See how better Power BI data modeling helped them succeed.

Solution Showcase: Financial Analysis Dashboard

The Financial Planning & Analysis dashboard by Collectiv brings widely used financial reports and insights to your CFO’s finger tips.

Case Study: Redwood Credit Union

Redwood Credit Union was transitioning into a new business intelligence platform…Power BI. Their team had a lot to learn…and fast. Learn how Collectiv helped the RCU team gain a holistic perspective of their data infrastructure and build a scalable data strategy.

Solution Showcase: Retail Analysis Dashboard

The retail analysis dashboard by Collectiv brings widely used retail metrics, reports and insights to your CXO’s finger tips.

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