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How to Auto-Refresh Power BI Reports With Power Automate

Power BI insights are only as good as the quality of the data it has access to. Go beyond Power BI auto-refreshes by leveraging this Power Automate workflow.
Power Automate Mistakes

How To Avoid These 3 Catastrophic Power Automate Mistakes

Power Automate delivers incredible efficiency, but if things go awry, mistakes can happen on a grand scale. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Enable Your Power BI Users With Microsoft’s xP&A Tool of Choice

Microsoft is propping up Acterys as their xP&A tool of choice as users increasingly take a cross-departmental approach to planning and forecasting.

What the Heck Is Power Automate?

On average, repetitive tasks eat up 19 total workdays every single year. Power Automate can eliminate much of this inefficiency for your organization.
cost of inaction

The Cost of Inaction in Technology Adoption

Is your team stuck with outdated tools? Don’t let analysis paralysis or fear of the unknown prevent you from reaping the benefits of new technology adoption.
getting started with power bi

What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Started With Power BI

Power BI can be transformative for organizations, but it’s also tricky to master. We’ve been there. Here are our best tips for getting started with Power BI.
Nonprofit Data

3 Ways to Use Power BI To Make the Most Of Nonprofit Data

Solid nonprofit data processes will further support your mission. See how Power BI helps you be more effective with data and make a bigger community impact.
TMDL update

Power BI Version Control is Finally Here

A new TMDL update will make version control in Power BI easier than ever. Here’s what enterprises need to know about this new update.

How to Solve the Top 7 BI, Planning, and Forecasting Challenges

Today your enterprise is experiencing numerous challenges across BI, planning, and forecasting. Our team has been there, and this is how we’ve solved them.

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