Power BI Training Bootcamp

Tackle the Industry-Leading Tool with Experts at Your Side

Are you ready to transform your organization into a data-centric powerhouse? Microsoft’s Power BI is compelling and dynamic but can seem daunting and complicated to new users, making it difficult to approach. However, Collectiv’s experts have garnered years of knowledge and experience working directly with the Platform, which is why there is no better partner to start your organization’s BI journey with.

Our Training Bootcamp is designed to lead users through the foundational features of Power BI with detailed, guided tutorials and hands-on workshops to learn everything from pulling relevant data, catering it to specific needs, and building spectacular dashboards that can be shared across teams.

Power BI Bootcamp Overview:

Day 1: Power BI Foundations

  • Overview and Building Blocks
  • Power BI Service vs. Desktop
  • Data Sourcing with Power Query (M)
  • Tabular Data Modeling
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Measures and Calculated Columns
  • Visualization Best Practices

Day 2: Power BI Foundations Continued

  • Power BI Service: Collaboration and Sharing
  • Power BI Service: Creating Apps
  • DAX: Understanding Calculate and Time
  • Intelligence Functions
  • Security: Role Level, Managing Roles, and
  • Assigning Report
  • Power BI Reports vs. Dashboards
  • Introduction to Report Building

Day 3: Data Shaping, Modeling, and Visualization

  • Report Building Process Review
  • Guided Report Building Tutorial
  • DAX: Measures to Desired Metrics
  • Report Collaboration: Share Apps in ‘Show and Tell’ Sessions

Day 4: Classroom to the Board Room

Putting all learned skills together from days 1-3

  • Report Building with Real Data
  • Power BI Report: Start to Finish
  • DAX: Create Measures
  • Create Required PBI Visuals on Demand
  • Data Shaping with Power Query
  • Publish PBI Report to Power BI Service
  • Show and Tell Collaboration
  • Wrap-up

The Power BI Bootcamp delivers tailored best practice advice, recommendations, and tactics for you and your team to accomplish your:

  • Corporate Goals & Initiatives
  • Data Modeling & Shaping Goals
  • Data Visualizations & Dashboard Goals
  • Report Creation & Reporting Process Goals
  • DAX Goals
  • Security & Governance Goals


4 Days

Are you ready to transform your organization into a data-centric Power BI powerhouse?

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