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Exciting New Power BI Features For 2023

Exciting New Power BI Features For 2023

Microsoft recently released two Power BI features—App Audiences and Comparison Calculation Measures. See how they streamline content distribution and DAX.
Choose Wisely with This Power BI License Comparison

Choose Wisely with This Power BI License Comparison

Not sure which license you need? This Power BI license comparison guide provides a quick rundown of licensing options to help you make the right decision.
Real Advice for Transitioning Into Finance Leadership

Real Advice for Transitioning Into Finance Leadership

Chris and Melissa both started off their careers in accounting roles and later became CFOs. How did they do it? By being authentic and adaptable.
The CFO’s Guide to Crushing 2023

The CFO’s Guide to Crushing 2023

The future of work and technology is evolving rapidly. If you’re a CFO, 2023 is the time to take stock of your progress and take advantage of opportunities.
Power BI Dashboards

11 Power BI Report Examples That Will Make You Ditch Excel

Power BI’s versatility means that it works for just about any type of data visualization. Take a look at some of our favorite Power BI report examples.
Finance Presentations

Create Kick-Ass Presentations as an FP&A Professional

Why do some FP&A professionals have a knack for commanding their audience? Because they’ve worked at it. Try these techniques to master your presentations.

Enterprise Planning Ahead of an Economic Storm

Worried about the possibility of a recession? Handle whatever challenges are on the horizon by being more proactive with enterprise planning and forecasting.
Career Burnout

How to Rock an FP&A Career Comeback After Burnout

75% have reported burnout at some point in their careers. However, burnout doesn’t have to disrupt the flow of your FP&A career. Here’s what you need to do.
Power Apps

What the Heck is Power Apps?

Confused about Power Apps? In this Power Apps tutorial, you’ll learn all the capabilities of this powerful tool and understand how to put it to good use.
Planning and Forecasting

Stuck in Planning and Forecasting Limbo? Here’s How You Get Out

Trapped in inefficiency? Power BI helps your enterprise team spend less effort on planning and forecasting and more time adding value to the business.
power bi implementation

4 Reasons Why Most Power BI Implementations Fail

Why do most Power BI implementations fail? There are a lot of potential reasons, but here are the four common missteps we see enterprise teams make.
Collectiv Case Study

Empower Your Enterprise to Build Complex FP&A Applications Faster

By streamlining planning and analytics with Acterys and Power BI, ATD was able to reduce project timelines for FP&A applications by as much as eight weeks.

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