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fp&a visioning program

FP&A Visioning Program

The FP&A Visioning Program helps your team introduce, interpret, implement, and integrate people and process initiatives to achieve FP&A 2.0.

Power BI Visioning Program

Power BI Visioning Program

This program delivers best practice recommendations for data and reporting strategy, standards, governance and security for your Microsoft Power BI Vision.

Power BI Training Bootcamp

Our Training Bootcamp is designed to lead users through the foundational features of Power BI with detailed, guided tutorials and hands-on workshops.

Launchpad Program​

This program is designed as an introductory session where your team and our team meet and collaborate to get the blueprint right.

Power BI Sprint Start Proof of Concept

Sprint Start your Power BI project with experts who will review, model, visualize and prove value with your data in just 1 week.

Power BI Financial Reporting Proof of Concept

Is your finance department stuck in spreadsheet chaos? Do you want to use Power BI for financial reporting? This proof of concept will deliver powerful financial reports utilizing your data with Power BI.

Power BI Center of Excellence (CoE)

Establish best practice-based standards, security & governance processes for your enterprise data analytics, business intelligence and Power BI.

Data Governance & Security Assessment

Everybody is doing their own thing in their own way with Power BI (the wild west). Now you need some checks, balances and “Controlled Empowerment”

Power BI Advanced Data Modeling Workshop

After completing this advanced training, the attendees will be able to build advanced calculations with Microsoft Power BI.

Visualization & Storytelling Workshop

Bring science, standards, best practice and data storytelling to take Microsoft Power BI to the next level and drive your enterprise data culture, insights and culture.

Power Apps Sprint Start-Proof of Concept

Sprint Start your Power Apps project with experts who will review, model, visualize and prove value with your data in just 1 week.

AI & ML for Power BI Workshop

Learn how to utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning features in Microsoft Power BI in this hands on 1-day workshop.

Power BI Adv. Administrator Workshop

This onsite 1-day training workshop covers the typical admin tasks and tools, such as Power BI admin portal and Office 365 admin center, and how to automate them.

Power BI Adv. Data Shaping Workshop

This module covers utilizing Microsoft Power BI Desktop to import and shape data from a variety of different sources.